Thursday, October 7, 2010

Making phone calls through Gmail

Till now we are knowing making video and audio calls from Gmail. When video and audio chat was introduced it made a new revolution , Google reached many peoples. Now they have moved another one step forward. In this year they have made an option to call from Gmail to another person cell phone.

Photo from : Google Blog
 This one is good , revolutionary one also it charges some prices. Right now calls withing U.S and Canada are free. Here below is the blog in which you can get more information.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Video uploading to database

Always when it comes to the part of uploading files, photos and videos there arises some confusion of how doing this. In one way we can use BLOB type in database and then store the images or videos in that. But this is not the good way. In another type we store all the uploaded files in one folder and save the path location.
We are using built-in file upload control in But how to use that for video upload?
Because video upload includes transfer of files continuously for some amount of time, means streaming. In that time add 

 HttpPostedFile attFile = FileUpload2.PostedFile;
        int attachfilelength = attFile.ContentLength;

 if (attachfilelength > 0)
.....// rest code goes here
This will make the continuing streaming and will upload video files also.

Note:  This method will take time and will be somewhat slow.