jQuery basics

              Previously the web pages were static and their motto was to simply display the contents. Afterforth there arose the need for the dynamic web pages with user interaction with the pages. GUI interfaces developed in order to recieve more attention of users for products and others. In order to create simple animations lots of code should be written. In jQuery animations can be carried out by using simple inline statements or small length of codes. jQuery combines with HTML codes as script and will do its magic giving life to the page. As the codes are simple any naive user can learn jQuery quickly if he is having some HTML and javascript knowledge.
             This is my small initiative in jQuery in order to make it familiar with my friends. I have made the codes as much as short in order to enhance the readability.
              "jquery-latest.js" is the api file which contain codes in order to make jQuery script work. Jquery codes are embedded inside the script tag after the tag. Here we start the funtion by "$(document).ready(function()". Here document refers to the current document and on load or ready the function should take place and should do the requested operation. "$" symbol should be used as a prefix to all the statements. Every statement ending is noted by ";" sign.
            Here is the small example which shows the demonstrates the jQuery.


This is an example