Tuesday, November 9, 2010

c# intellisense support error

This is one of the problem which i have encountered personally. Whenever we install visual studio 2008 and also update it to service pack 1, we face some error which shows

"the visual studio language support for c# has not been installed. code-editinig intellisense will not be available. Markup intellisense for sever controls may not work"

By this error intellisense will not work and c# coding becomes like normal text as no intellisense support will be there. At this point of moment follow the below instructions.

Go to start->  Programs -> Microsoft visual studio 2008 -> Visual Studio Tools -> Visual studio 2008 command prompt.

In that command prompt enter "devenv/resetskippkgs" and press enter.

After doing this intellisense with c# support will work correctly.


  1. thank u so much. u solved my problem in seconds

  2. Yeah it really works bec of this only my problem got solved thank you