Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reverse Ajax

In classic web pages whenever we wanted to update some information in the page they needed complete page refresh. This one take more bandwidth as all the items have to be fetched again. After some years Ajax methods came which enabled to make partial page refresh or to refresh the required parts of page so that less bandwidth is consumed. This method was a hit and all developers used Ajax technologies and methods in their application.

Now as the recent one Reverse Ajax is rocking in the field. What is this Reverse Ajax? Here in ajax method we made calls to the server for checking for the required information in specific amounts of time. If updated information is available at that moment then it is useful, if not calling to the server will be waste one. If we repeatedly check server for late updates or in large gap if we check the server for updates then both are useless. In this Reverse Ajax whenever server gets updated information it will send an request to the browser to check for updates. After it as browser queries the server, updated information will be served. This saves huge bandwidth and time. 

In this Reverse Ajax 3 scenarios are there.
  1. Polling.
  2. Piggyback technique
  3. Comet

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